Hedonic Map of Austin 2016 ArcGIS David Michael O'DonnellThis is a detail of the 2016 Hedonic Map of Austin created by David Michael O’Donnell in ArcGIS. See more versions in person at the exhibit at Barton Springs Pool through August 8, 2016.

As an artist, I create visualizations about ideas. I was trying to understand how to accept all my feelings and experiences, not just the pleasurable ones. I came across Psychologist Robert Plutchik’s chart of emotions, and after I assigned it to a color wheel, I could finally visualize emotional wholeness. Then I started asking how we create attachment to place, starting with where I live, Austin, Texas.

There are amazing opportunities to support this project. I want to invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to visualize how we experience belonging.

–Jennifer Chenoweth