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Congress Avenue - XYZ Atlas
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Congress Avenue

In Spring 2017, the Downtown Austin Alliance commissioned XYZ Atlas: Congress Avenue between Lady Bird Lake and the Texas State Capitol in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. The above map made in ArcScene for GIS was a collaboration with Sean Christopher.

This Heart of the Community project, in partnership with the Project for Public Spaces, is supported by a grant from Southwest Airlines.

The project’s results will inform a larger place-making initiative that involves the Urban Design Initiative of the City of Austin.


In March and April, 373 people took an 8 question survey to answer where they had significant experiences on Congress Avenue. The stories of Congress Avenue, and the images of the project by Jennifer Ramos were beautiful, so we documented the project with an online catalog that you can read here:


The Downtown Austin Alliance collaborated to produce an amazing event at 800 Congress, with a dance performance by The Theorists.
The event and project was documented by One Story Productions, see the video here:

XYZ Atlas: The Austin Experience was documented by my new intern Aly Candelas, a senior in media studies at McCallum Fine Arts Academy High School, watch it here: