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Austin Chronicle: 2013 Article by Robert Faires

Flower Map WebRight There: A Hedonic Map of Pleasure and Pain in Austin, Texas

Jennifer Chenoweth marks the places in town where we feel the most feelings
By Robert Faires, Fri., Oct. 11, 2013

Where was the best night of your life in Austin?

Where was the worst night of your life in Austin?

Where did you fall in love?

Where were you terribly afraid?

Where did you act like a jackass, according to your own standards?

Where did you laugh the hardest?

Where did you experience your own mortality?

Hey, it isn’t me asking all these personal questions. Jennifer Chenoweth wants to know. And not because she’s nosy. She’s making art out of the answers.

See, the intensely curious creative powerhouse behind Fisterra Studio wants to locate the spots in Austin where people have enjoyed their highest highs and suffered their lowest lows, in order to map them – literally mark them on a map – and see if any patterns emerge that might describe the collective emotional experiences of the residents of our city…


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