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Bryan and College Station Survey on ArchOne - XYZ Atlas
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Bryan and College Station Survey on ArchOne

Bryan and College Station Survey on ArchOne

Artist enlists public to create emotional topo map of B/CS

This spring, Austin artist Jennifer Chenoweth is leading an army of volunteers to create a public art project, the “XYZ Atlas,” a color-coded data-based map that will geographically plot where individuals experienced emotional highs and lows within the Bryan/College Station area.

Helping Chenoweth realize the project are numerous Texas A&M, public and civic groups, including Texas Target Communities, a Texas A&M College of Architecture outreach unit providing urban planning for Texas communities in need.

“The project is an interactive, public art piece, a record of the emotional influence the region has on its residents,” said Chenoweth, who completed a similar project, XYZ Atlas: The Hedonic Map of Austin, prior to focusing on the Brazos Valley. “The atlas creates a community’s identity through a shared sense of place. It also reveals and helps us visualize how we are connected — to one another and to our surroundings.”

Created using geographic information system software, the project is scheduled to debut May 5 at downtown Bryan’s First Friday event. The “XYZ Atlas” will be interpreted through a variety of media including 3-D printed objects, handmade drawings, interactive digital maps and sculptures.

“Few projects have this kind of insight into where and how people experience their strongest emotions,” said Chenoweth. “My hope is that the collected information will help make Bryan and College Station more inclusive, healthy and meaningful to its residents.”


Jennifer Chenoweth