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The Eagle Article for Bryan-College Station - XYZ Atlas
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The Eagle Article for Bryan-College Station

The Eagle Article for Bryan-College Station

Art project to illustrate ties that bind Bryan-College Station

“A free art exhibition that uses survey research to provide an artistic visualization of people’s sense of belonging to their community is coming to Bryan-College Station from May 5 until the end of June.

In 2013, Jennifer Chenoweth, a Texas transplant who grew up in the Midwest, launched XYZ Atlas, an interactive public art project that explores why people call a series of roads and houses their communities and homes. Over the three-year Austin-based project, titled “XYZ Atlas: the Hedonic Map of Austin,” Chenoweth created more than 45 exhibits, installations and events at a multitude of public spaces, conferences, parks and community gatherings.

Come May, the Bryan-College Station-based project, titled “The Experience Map of Bryan and College Station,” will showcase visualizations of how residents from our diverse communities experience a sense of belonging. The exhibition will feature an indoor display at the SEAD Gallery in Downtown Bryan, as well as various outdoor pop-up transformations of public spaces throughout Bryan; it also will feature several interactive multimedia representations of XYZ Atlas’ survey data, in addition to 3D printed objects, hand-drawn pieces of art, digital maps and sculptures.” Read more on The Eagle. 

Jennifer Chenoweth