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Pecan Press Hyde Park Neighborhood

The Dance of the Cosmos at the Elisabet Ney Museum

The XYZ Atlas grew out of a project in which Austin artist Jennifer Chenoweth and friends started ask-
ing questions about what creates attachment to places. The Hedonic Map of Austin, launched in 2013, is a map of the collective emotional highs and lows of people living in and visiting our city. Through an interactive question and answer series, hundreds of participants answer a 20-question survey about their life experienc- es and where they occurred. The locations were captured in a GIS mapping system and coded to an emotional color chart. A positive experience is raised on the map, and a negative experience is lowered. When emotion
is connected to location, location is no longer space, but place. The mapping event was featured at the Ney during the rst weekend of the annual West Austin Studio Tour, or WEST.

The Museums and Cultural Centers of the Aus- tin Parks and Recreation Department is a collaborator on the XYZ Atlas. The charismatic installation on the Elisabet Ney Museum property, on its 45th street bor- der, Dance of the Cosmos, was created in May 2015 for
a year-long temporary installation at the Museum through the City of Austin Parks Cultural Arts Divi- sion Core Funding Program.


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