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Dance of the Cosmos - XYZ Atlas
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Dance of the Cosmos

About This Project

Dance of the Cosmos is a large scale kinetic and solar powered sculpture. Its shape was inspired by a Tibetan Lotus Mandala and a diagram of the color wheel, to visualize the concept of acceptance and emotional wholeness. The steel sphere is 54″ diameter and is cut into 8 lunes or hosohedrons. Those are mechanized through steel arms that are attached to an actuator that is powered through solar energy. The mechanical sculpture sits on a 20′ diameter base of 40 interlocking concrete tiles coated with pigment as a venn diagram of the color spectrum. It is on temporary loan to the Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin Texas through spring 2016. The artist Jennifer Chenoweth worked with mechanical engineer John Dolecek and fabricator Robert Whitehurst to build the piece. Lighthouse Solar sponsored its solar consulting and installation.

The piece is on loan to the Elisabet Ney Museum through 2016, and then will hopefully be donated to a City of Austin Park, as a collaboration with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

Photos by Michelle Atkinson and David Kinney

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