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Vertex - XYZ Atlas
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The Vertex is a “You Are Here” experience marker that is a 3D X that participants can stand inside of, expounding the importance of place-based experiences that create meaning in our lives.

The Vertex is 20′ tall, 10′ wide by 10′ deep on the base, and is made of steel and aluminum. The mid point is illuminated with solar powered lighting. The Vertex debuted as an 8′ set of location markers for an Austin Art in Public Places TEMPO commission in 2015, traveling around city parks and community events to get participants for our survey.

In 2016, the 20′ Vertex was made to debut at SXSW Eco in Brush Square park as a community and wheelchair accessible icon for the event and placemaking lounge hosted by Southwest Airlines and the Project for Public Spaces.

In 2017, the Vertex enjoyed the north side of the Ann Richards Bridge over Austin’s iconic Ladybird Lake, on the corner of Cesar Chavez at Congress Ave for the XYZ Atlas: Congress Avenue commissioned project by the Downtown Austin Alliance.

Its shape was inspired by the artist Jennifer Chenoweth’s favorite video game Atari’s Tempest. Prototypes and minis are made with a 3D printer.  Here is a video of how the shape was designed.

Contact for info on pricing and installation.