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XYZ Atlas Featured in Smear Magazine - XYZ Atlas
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XYZ Atlas Featured in Smear Magazine

XYZ Atlas Featured in Smear Magazine

A small lime green room was transformed into gallery space for the East Austin Studio Tour, dozens of pottery pieces suspended from the ceiling over a child’s twin bed. Down the hall, every square inch of the master bedroom was devoted to displaying art, except for where a furry gray windhound looks down its long nose, curled up on a bed with a pile of unfolded laundry.

“This is Fluffy,” Jennifer Chenoweth says, laughing. “She likes to lay here and be soft and admired.”

The crossroads of gallery and home – professional and personable – perfectly exemplifies 48-year-old artist Jennifer Chenoweth. During our interview, she apologized for still being in her yoga clothes and joked that protecting the artwork from her four young children was a full time job. Yet she had meticulously curated displays by ten artists, hand picked by herself for their “diversity of age, race, artistic medium – everything.” This mentality manifests itself in all parts of her art. Read more on Smear! 

Jennifer Chenoweth